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I am writing this page up to cover some basics of Chia Crypto currency and the set up from program to farming, the art of producing drives of plots for checking work, etc.

Update Saturday 1st July 2023 on Crypto HDD Mining!
During the last month, June 2023 I have been gathering info on Mining Crypto on HDD & will be starting a small crypto farm as part of my 'Web-Project 2023' !!
I have put together a project which includes Crypto Mining in every way possible with 2 of my friends IC & PR.
'Crypto HDD Mining!' website for future reference !!
Here is one currency I hope to cover in this part of the web project 'Crypto HDD Mining!'

I guess the order of doing this would be to make sure you have the right equipement & process in order to work Crypto Chia, from program to farming, the art of producing drives of plota for checking work, etc.

I have learned that a desktop is faster,laptop might take 10 days to set up a simple farm where as a Desktop will take day in comparison. basically a desktop preferably with a fast drive and other drives for checking with relevant cables. I think looking at set-up videos would be an idea, having done a set up in the past I might start a CHIA farm myself, but this time I will be using a desktop and not a laptop for best results.

Time limits on making a claim

Introduction to Chia (The Cryptocurrency)

Details of the new Chia crypto currency. Mining CHIA is not that easy. You need at first to create a plot. To do it it's highly advised to have like m2 SSD just for caching and then HDD for storage. 16TB hard drive would still put you on the smaller side. More like 10-20 such drives and then we can talk mining. There are some issues with CHIA tho: There was a big pre-mine during which you could get coins without running the mainnet itself. Not really fair if you ask me Unfortunately only heard from a friend miner. Apparently it's tricky to get the node fully running and the mainnet can get clogged quite often.
Even tho it's quite old coin. Could you take a better look at BURST ? There will be a network update this Sunday that will add a PoS element to mining it
I think the speed of your drives doesn't really matter in terms of how fast you can call "bingo". You just basically need a fast SSD in order to create those Bingo Cards (or plots) which are then stored on your main Drive. The temporary Storage needed covers the proof of time aspect that you mentioned. 1.8 TB have to be written in order to create a 100GB Plot (or Bingo Card)

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